November 23, 2014

irrationality: a method to lead your ideas

All I know it's what my common sense of discipline in the pursuit of perfection isn't enough to cover all range of the human irrationality.

To every action does not correspond an unique reaction but a deep list leaded by a glance in the wrong direction and a thinking towards inauspicious implications.

So let your instinct guides your analysis using your own experiences to delete impossible solutions and your expertise to choose more reasonable others.

At the end of the process you will have at least three options: that more courageous it's that right!

February 01, 2014

WE'RE HIRING ONly thOse who lOve challEnges!

Sisma Group is the leading company in the production and marketing of items in the field of personal care and hygiene, medical care, aperitifs, parties, as well as household care and cleaning.

Sisma group’s hygiene products and accessories range from cosmetic applicators, absorbent cotton, cotton pads and cotton buds, to products for  personal hygiene such as bath sponges, and of course all the household cleaning products: Sisma, indeed, sells household disposable rubber gloves, cleaning cloths, freezer and trash bags, as well as sponges and ironing board covers.     

Innovation and quality are always pursued by Sisma Group and by the group’s brands: Cotoneve, Farmacotone, Samurai and Logex.

To strengthen our Sales Force, we're looking for: 
-Key Account Lombardia area  -- CLOSED
-Key Account Lazio area  -- CLOSED
-Key Account Trentino area 
-Area Manager North Italy -- CLOSED

 We are hiring!