December 06, 2013

free to express hiMself

Freedom is an attitude!
To evaluate how is great this conquer it would be useful for everyone experiencing a momentary lack of freedom.

We must always defend our ideas, only in this way we can protect our souls and our bodies.

Thanks N.M.

November 24, 2013

mY wisHing well abOut an inSpired joB

I love to think that people around me can be my first resource and my desire to have a positive impact on others can be my first ally.

I like to measure continuously my potential by facing complex projects but to do this I need to work for companies that are willing to invest in process innovation, to test  new  approaches to markets and customers, to set and pursue a long term strategy. 

Does a similar company exist?
On paper many, in facts few.

Maybe today it would be more simple to work for myself... if only I had start-up capital!

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October 09, 2013

What is TodaY the bEst busineSs StrategY for f&b itAlian marKet?

The easiest answer is: 
don't invest in the traditional channel, too complicated and in heavy financial difficulty, and concentrate on private label for GDO and HD.

It makes sense!

The easiest answer, but superficial.

It depends on your products' category, their brand awareness, leadership and if you have done a selective channel strategy until now or massive penetration in every channel to catch your consumer everywhere (I can continue but I know that you are experts)...

Normally, traditional channel gives an higher profitability than the others, especially if you can supply directly the point of sales without using distributors or wholesalers. Obviously the fixed costs are huge and can be supported only by huge sales volumes.

But let me to do an example in case a company already operates  both in GDO and in Normal Trade.
The choise to not invest in NT must consider the WD/ND ratios, but the consideration of the penetration of the channel is enough as first step. 
Not many companies have a coverage above 40% of total points of sales of the traditional channel. 

This simply means that is always possible to conquer new point of sales and to carry out added turnover.

- Stimulating your direct sales force by appropriate incentives
- Giving new mandates to new agents for not covered areas
- A closer cooperation with the wholesaler by bonus to his salesmen, training on products and techniques, lasting agreement ...
- Exploit existing sales force of another company , expecially if off-truck sale, to reach unprofitable points of sales....
- Focus on service as added value for the point of sales both logistic than financial
And so on...

At the end, if is true that in the next years in Italy for the GDO/HD channels will increase the private label's market share, it is also true that the traditional channel will have his weigth still for a long time. 

So a Branded Company shall defend today his value to not lose it tomorrow, it shall be present everywhere his consumers will go shopping.

Therefore the best strategy could be summarized as:
Take a look to the highest profitability of traditional channel, especially for branded company, and provide yourself efficent technology and lean organization to produce PL. 

Maybe you should create two business units completely indipendent, one for branded product and another for private label or unbranded product... but this is another story.

October 03, 2013

September 10, 2013

tOo maNy taSkS, nO reSult

... how to say "to ensure a result you must assure the right focus".

Well,  the next question is "how many tasks can  we manage at the same time with success?"

Only two!

The first task is "execute" and the second is "control" to assure the achievement of the goal.

Maybe we can add another task: "adjust" the process to achieve the goal.
This phase can be repeated "n" times until we'll obtain the desired result. to be continued

July 30, 2013

Who is at work now?

Who doesn't inhibit the desire to be creative  ...
It isn't important where you are or what you are doing,  but how your mind is continuously creating links between experiences, imagination, vision, information, deductions and intuitions.

June 25, 2013

HOw yOu can say "NO" to your BOss

Typical situation
Boss: ".... do it!"
Collaborator: "Ok, but ..."
Boss: "No discussion, do it!"
Collaborator: "I don't want to discuss, I want to advise you on potential threats..."
Boss: "I already know all that can be usefull, execute it!"
Collaborator: " Ok, I'm executing your request but...."

A way to say NO
Boss: "..... do it!"
Collaborator: "Ok Boss, I do it soon!" ... " I have a doubt: Did you decide to change our roles in the company organization?"
Boss: "What?"
Collaborator: "If I execute your request we'll spend next days trying to solve the related problems." "We aren't a customer service dept., we are the sales dept.". "Who will take care of our clients?"
Boss: "Maybe you are right. Do you have another solution?"
Collaborator: "First of all we have to stop the process then we ........."

Another way
Boss: "..... do it!"
Collaborator: "Ok Boss, I do it soon!" ... "Sorry, It's hardly possible to do it?"
Boss: "What?"
Collaborator: "If I execute your request we'll lose our  incentives". "I need that money!"
Boss: "am I loosing my bonus?". Do you have another solution?"
Collaborator: "First of all we have to stop the process then we have to analyze  ........."

Obviously these are only three examples, they don't coverage all situations but they want to suggest you that, if you want to say "NO" to your boss, you have to attract his attention on interesting arguments for him such as his "money", his "role", who is the "decision maker" and so on.

In this way he will pay attention to your advices indeed he will ask you some suggestions.

June 24, 2013

fiVe possible Ways to make accepTable an hard TargeT

1) Motivational statement
Do you have the right incentive to do your best? Well, I'm sure that the target is an optional, it will be easily reached!

2) Dictat statement
You have to achieve this target, you must do it!

3) Awareness statement
I know this target is hardly possible, but if there is someone able to achieve it  he is in front of me today!

4) Neutral statement
Do this target, do it for yourself...

5) Emotional statement
When I think about the huge benefits linked to our target I feel proud and honoured to share them with you.

June 21, 2013

hOt summer Of the italian ecOnOmics

The economic results of a great number of companies will be linked to the number of collaborators with huge wish to relaunch their own carrier.

This simply means that winning companies must have a long term vision, supported by an extensively shared strategy and a clear positioning towards consumers.

The strongest incentive to give the best is the possibility to work with a scenario well defined in its layout ("shared strategy") where the actors have the awareness that their efforts can change the scenario and influence the final result.

In some companies it will be necessary bringing new ideas, new approaches, new schemes through the hiring of managers or by relocating current managers and involving them in new challenges.

In fine, we don't forget the role of the company towards retailers, distributors and any kind of commercial partner.

Only companies that manage the business as a partnership with the aim to create value and than share the profit with counterparts will be able to enlarge the base of the own market or conquer, penalizing competitors, shares of market.

Do you agree with me?

June 14, 2013

attitudE vs unExpEctEd EvEnt

Have you never thought how to adjust your attitude in case of unexpected event?

Probably No!

It's a situation that you don't manage when it occurs, you should have a priori the right attitude!
So the best way to face unexpected event is to train yourself in managing a large variety of unworkable events. 

-keep calm
-think of three options
-choose the best fit

To do nothing would already be a sure defeat!

June 07, 2013

WaitinG ArT - the delay without beginning and ending

Many companies trust in the possibility to regain the lost time working hard. 

In some cases it's true, but time is a scarce resource and it's relative to living beings.

So the sum of every single delay of every single living being in every single action can be considered the reason of  loss of a potential development.
At the same way, every single delay can provide the chance to another action to generate an innovative process that without the delay it would never occurred.

The endless delay of an already expected beginning sounds as " I'm going to buy time in the drugstore ". Isn't it so?

June 03, 2013

3 Simple tips to GaiN your bOss's TrusT

1) Execution of your tasks: 
stay in the outlined task, respect the deadline, give your point of view only if it adds value, don't talk in negative way bringing out only problems on execution without a solution.

2) Behaviour in your working team: 

don't complaining about collegues but explain or suggest how it is possible to interact with them keeping a professional approach, don't tell on them!

3) Reliability

always tell the truth especially if you made a mistake, in this way your boss can become your defender and ally, but above all he can give you solutions, training and vision.

May 27, 2013

Is tHere any differences between a pHarmacy and a delicatessen?

It depends on what you decide to examine.

So if you look at point of sales you can argue how much larger is  or where is located in urban area or how many pos you can find in a town.
You can examine the laws that rule the matter or the specific qualify of who works for them.

Well, if we look at the point of sales as a public area where consumers go to satisfy a specific need in that case we can find a lot of points in common.

Focusing attention on over-the-counter drugs we can analyze the figure of the pharmacist and delicatessen owner: both are considered as a consultants.
Both manage their point of sales with the aim to loyalize customers, obviously the final goal is to maximize the profit.

Now we try to examine the rapport with their suppliers.

What  will they expect? 
Effective logistic services? low costs? payment extension? promotions? trade or consumer loader? excellent and well known products? high margins? problem solving? a unique referent for each supplier always at their disposal?


Maybe in a different priority order, but more o less the same want list.
I can continue, but make your further considerations...

May 24, 2013

RenT your brain

We're running towards the complete loss of the identification between employee and company. 

As it happens in sports or in real life , a union isn't forever!
 In sport it doesn't exist the "flag-man" that identify himself and his career with the colours of only one team, in life it doesn't exist a devoted wife such as Penelope that wait for her Ulisse, the only man in her life.

Ability in retention and attractiveness are two faces of the same medal for a successfull company. 

The techniques and strategies in pursuing these models of human resource management are quite similar and they find their foundations on the ability to value immaterial assets.

I will give you a point of view on which you can reflect:
In long term, what is the less expensive or more effective approach?

Attractiveness? Included search costs, training costs, a top salary, an immaterial cost of integration ....

Retention? ability in creating new incentives, in giving qualified training, in exploiting experience and knoledge of the company processes ...

May 22, 2013

Tuttofood Exhibition, what can you expect?

Big disappointment!

By now in Italy  the poor demand of visibility or space to meet customers, prospects and professional operators is splitted between two exhibitions: Cibus and Tuttofood, Parma and Milan.
Result? Both Cibus and Tuttofood are risking to disappear.

I have gone to Tuttofood exhibition 2 days ago and I have found ... nothing!

No new products, no new connections, no new ideas.
Only 4 wings opened, a lot of free space, few people.

Maybe if a company wants to meet its clients, prospects or people interested in its activities or to make deals, then it can set a 'open doors' week directly in its headquarter. 

But it's a provocation ... and this is only my opinion.

May 13, 2013

chanGE MAnagement in the salumi market? As a YELL in a desert ....

No echo, no horizon!

You can possess the source of knowledge, you are willing to share it with other people but you don't find anyone greedy to gain knowledge.

You can explain them how grasping the essence of change, you can provide them the tools to dig a well to find water, you can show them analysis and researches about the presence of water underground ... the result will be a yell in the desert!

They are looking for the comforting past experience, the certainty of well-known things.

They will prefer to walk under the burning sun to look for an oasis. It isn't important where it is, how long they have to walk around, if the oasis still exists.

Meanwhile the desert will change,  it will transform before into a large salt lake and then into a huge mountain ... but they are still looking for an oasis.

May 07, 2013

How to eXploit uniQue strenGths of neWcomers

Is there an approach that can encourage newcomers to express their unique perspectives and strengths on the job doing what they do best?

 For Daniel M. Cable, Francesca Gino and Bradley R. Staats (MITsloan management review), this new approach is explained in their article "Reinventing Employee Onboarding".
They use Wipro's real case to sustain their theory of "personal-identity socialization".

Join this link to read more
To read full article is necessary a free subscription.

May 05, 2013

How To geT critical informaTion from cusTomers in 3 sTeps

Well, it's only a positive attitude!

Step 1 - show them your maximum interest for everything they will want to tell you

Step 2 - listen to them

Step 3 - continue to listen ... simply...

May 04, 2013

I like and share this piece

The Six Characteristics of Companies That Are Winning the Digital Game

I recently spent several days with digital tool and media companies who aim to change the core operations of marketers through very cool new analytics and workflow capabilities. Adobe and Google, in particular, have ambitious strategies behind their offerings that, if marketers adopt them, will remake fundamental aspects of how organizations operate -- their speed, their accountability, their adaptability, their ability to mobilize a broader ecosystem of digital service suppliers, and even their creativity.
All of these changes are meant to enable marketers to better exploit the capabilities of digital/social/mobile channels. BUT, at the highest levels in many companies, the culture, focus of leadership, incentives, and management mechanisms are simply not set up to enable the transformations to happen. Across several dozen deep interviews we have done with Chief Marketing Officers, digital leaders, agencies, and media providers, we see six characteristics in the companies whose leaders are able to make broad digital change happen:
Align at the top: Across the executive suite, there not only is a digital steering committee to evaluate investments, but there is also a common base of beliefs about the core changes that digital is forcing the company to make in its strategic direction and operations. Everyone knows the priorities, their economic implications, and the trade-offs the company will make as it drives forward .... to be continue on*1_*1_*1_*1_recentPosts_*1&trk=who_to_follow-b

By David Edelman

May 02, 2013

3 Tips ab0ut sharinG inf0rmati0n

In general society we can assert that information has experienced a complete transformation. Few and in delay in the past, a huge number and in continuous update nowadays.
The same thing is for the companies.
So an employe is surrounded by a lot of information and he has to steal time to his work to decide what is useful for him or for his company.

Below you can find 3 simple tips to check faster information and choose the best to use:

1) Email: use "ad hoc" filters to classify them and to avoid spamming, so start to read depending on the arguments from the last received.

2) Company's statistics or documents: look at your tasks in agenda, so select the documents or statistics that can help you today to carry out your job or to partecipate proactively to the meetings.

3) Exceeded documents: keep a summary of them by arguments, after 2 day you can throw them away or delete.

Maybe the best thing could be to have an assistant for these tasks ... do you agree?

April 27, 2013

whEn pEoplE are compEllEd to rEly on nothingnEss

Choose and conjugate a verb: we'll do
Add a politician
Place him in front of a television camera
Give him a microphone

Ask him to compose some sentences using the verb to do.
You are unable to stop him!

Well, ask him to explain when and in which occasions he formerly did what he said.
Silence... a long silence!

The answer will be: "we look to the future, we work on the future, we construct the future!"

In your mind will resound "what future! we need to take possession of the present!"

April 19, 2013

wHen the bOss ShowS the muscles

Under pressure, keep them under pressure ... It's the dictat of many bosses!

How long can they do it?
It's only a question of time, we will assist at the system failure!

You can't manage a team using threats of firing, by continuos inspections, without epowerment or sharing of the goals.

The good pressure and motivation are self-produced by  individual when he receives the right incentives to reach his targets!

Right incentives:
- Clearness in responsability and tasks of his role
- Endorsement
- Tools that he can use
- Support
- Smart Goals: simple, measurable, achievable, repeatable, time-bound

April 11, 2013

ONE leader is few, TWO are too many

It is true if we contextualize the statement looking at the Italian political situation.

If we look at Democratic Party it is really so because there are more than two leaders, unfortunately!

If we look at 5 Stars Movement it is quite true because Grillo and Casaleggio are two leaders but they weigh as a only one dictator.

If we look at PDL  it is absolutely true because, at this moment, Berlusconi is the only leader but without a credible successor, so one's is few!

Maybe it's better to close the eyes...

April 10, 2013

LooKing for a new SaleS DirecTor

Are you looking for a Sales Director?

Well, the first step is to outline the candidate profile.
Are you ready to start?

Possible shopping list:
# 10 years of experience in your own market in the same position
# Ability in national agreements management
# Personal knowledge of the GDO buyers
# Availability to move to another city
# Ability to achieve the turnover target

Alternative shopping list:
@ Graduated, M.B.A. is a plus
@ Ability in management, training and spurring on human resources

@ Ability in making decisions, in managing and analyzing the impact of commercial policy on P&L.
@ Enhanced knowledge of the dynamics of all sales channels
@ Experienced in different markets and several positions
@ Ability to achieve the operating margin target

Well, if you are choosing for the first list maybe it's better to stop the search and decide on another label: Super National Account Manager!

After this you can go on with your selection.

Ponder people, ponder ... (translation of Mike Bongiorno's maxim)

April 08, 2013

5 tipS to maNage Sales aGents

Why a sales agent should follow your recommendations and achieve your targets?

Well, you have few tools for the effective management of a sales agent:

1) Communication: you must communicate at right time your targets and in clear manner how the sales agent can contribute to reach them. At the same time you must explain the benefits/bonus/commissions  that the sales agent will earn if you reach the targets.

2) Tools: You must explain the tools and techniques that will help him to reach the goals, you must repeat the explanation until you will sure that the sales agent has got the full control of each tool.

3) Follow up: as soon as the sales agent will have done his first attempts you will must ask him a follow up.
At the same time you must give him information about the trend of his sales towards the targets.

4) Support: If the tools or the techniques don't work then you must be ready to give him solutions and help.
The best way is to go to the clients with him, supporting him during the preparation of the visit, letting to him managing the negotiation, engaging him in a follow-up incisive after the visit.

5) Congratulation: if he will reach the goals don't never forget to tell him he is an excellent sales man and to share the fault in case of an unsuccess.

Above all you must always transmit your presence in his mind using appropriate tools or techniques ... mobile phone, e-mail, sms, meeting and so on.
But remember, you haven't to talk only about working otherwise when his mobile phone will ring he will think: "What boring man!"

April 06, 2013

thE absEnt-mindEd workEr maybE likEs his job

Your market share is straight in proportion to human capital investment.

The employees retention index is the best indicator to describe the ability of the company's board to assure the continuity of expertise, the group identity, the immediate understanding in the comunication and so on.

What's the best incentive to work profitably?
Surely, you have to do so:

let people focusing on their own job!

Your claim should be:

 No absent-minded worker by the research of another job!

April 05, 2013

siLent reVoluTion

There is no way to solve the prisoner's dilemma and now Bersani is the prisoner.
Attention, he is prisoner of himself, of his hesitation towards a sweeping change.

Who can dissolve the dilemma?
Napolitano, obviously!

By facilitating the process that shall conduce to new elections but assuring governability thanks to new rules.

April 01, 2013

raZor edge of Politics

How to decide to no decide, simply:
  • pushing the others to do the first move

  • communicating to their followers that they sustain the President's choice while in secret they're negotiating with the other factions about how to divide the seats of power

  • or closing towards every proposal because "they" want to rule the world
Meanwhile the Country goes to drift!

Can a party that represents only the 20% of the populations  blackmail the Parliament affirming that they would accept only a Govern leaded by they themselves?

Obviously Yes, in a dictorial regime!

March 29, 2013

concePt zeRo

tabula rasa
"blank slate" is the simplification of the actual italian political situation

such as

facere de necessitate virtùtem
"make a virtue out of necessity" is the favourite maxim of our President

such as

homo homini lupus
"man is a wolf to another man" is the lex (non-electoral) that regulates our Parliament

March 27, 2013

TriggeR your poWer

Three tips to play your inner power on truly wished goals:

@ Open your mind over the impossible, that is possible is already used by someone

@ Think about the environment in which you act as an helper that can provide you information, opportunities, but above all as a fluid that it can change at any time under your influence

@ Hear a lot, ask to yourself at any moment how you can use what you have heard or you already know, find time to stimulate creativity, tell your point of view only if it adds value, share every your discovery with all

March 25, 2013

the tiDy strEEt of PoliticS

Politic agorà isn't an open place in which is simple to access and move.
We can describe it as a long corridor full fill by doors, every door conduces to the partial solution of a problem.
The serious thing is that to open the door you have to pay a duty, a concession to the owner, but if you have to open many doors to solve the problem maybe you will finish your resources before to close the last door...
Another thing very heavy to accept is that after the opening of a door you can discover to be gone back to the starting point (snakes and ladders!).
This only to solve a single problem, now think about the complexity management of the 'Public Thing' ...
Here why every politician is become expert cat burglar.
The solution? Remove the doors ...

March 22, 2013

HuGe box, little sUrprisE

When the contents gives the shape to the container you can argue about the effective nature of the contents.
You can make an idea about them and what indeed they are , but if you look at a rigid box you can't  suppose nothing!
You can only exclude big contents if box is small, but  this is not ever true!

March 18, 2013

Time for disagreement

Can a raindrop dig a crack  in a rock?
Yes, by continuous action and if the rock lets to do it ...
No, if it hasn't enough time and the rock is disagree with the raindrop...

March 09, 2013

RaiSe the BaR

To manage a team composed by professionals is necessary to give them great motivation.

Everyone must feel important and identify by precision their role and the expected results.

The very important think is using the communication tools to keep under pressure the team.
If the attention or interest will go down you'll have to raise the bar to keep higher the unit and the spirit team.
So Grillo docet ...

March 07, 2013

wiN-Win: false theOry ...

It doesn't exist a win-win situation between two adversaries but only one winner or two losers.

You have to choose

you want to be
winner or loser!
How can do it?

If you are sure to win, go on  straigth to the goal but always  thinking how your adversary could turn the situation around to his favour!
If you are sure that you can't have any chances to win the exit way is to involve another player... the third part can be the critical solution to rock the boat to your favour!

March 04, 2013

JiMiny Cricket aNd the GOvernmEnt

To lead a Country it's not enough collecting the popular approval, especially if many of your backers are with you on basis of a protest vote versus their previous leaders. To govern doesn't mean to find the right way or dictate their own rules to reach their own goals.
To govern means to mediate general interest versus particular interests, it means to do hard opposition versus wrong rules but also to be able to promote ideas, bills,  solutions to the problems of society trough improving of consensus with the other factions.

February 18, 2013

wEb prOfile

It's quite impossible erasing your web identity.
The traces you leave  in few months of activities can grow by exponential rate. 
So, the number of links is huge and hard to manage, therefore reflect before leaving a footprint. 

February 17, 2013

hOw to find Out the right solutioN to a wrOng prOblem

If you are facing a complex question, I can suggest you to analyze why you have to give a solution to it.

The motivational root can lead us to observe the question from another point of view: both the kind of benefits it can bring and to whom. 

In this way you can retrace the path cause-and-effect starting from what you would you like to obtain.

February 16, 2013

DistRessed wHite paPer

Can a blank paper  stimulate your creativity?

Yes, it can!
No look at it! Close your eyes and look inside yourself!

February 13, 2013

Let us discuss about symbolism

The ancestral recognition of the power of symbolism it suggests us to improve the use  of several graphics symbols,  they should permit to improve the level, the value and understanding of comunication.

February 12, 2013


With the finger food is enjoyed fourfold: by sight, by touch, by smell, by taste!
To return to the origins you have to exploit all the senses for enhancing the working experience, then you'll be able to feel as a maker and not only as a part of a process.

February 10, 2013

catching an opportunity

Before to catch it you must be sure to be able to exploit it!No investment is worse than that done without the verify of how it can maximize its potentiality...

February 09, 2013

February 06, 2013

grasp the winning idea

The winning ideas are around you, you have to use one eye to monitor the target and the other one to capture the most weak signals coming to you from the environment, so if you are able to decode them it's possible to set the way more effective to exploit them to facilitate the reaching of the target.

February 04, 2013

Pay Attention

While you are talking to someone and you are trying to catch his attention, sometime it's better to do a pause.
 The better way to obtain attention is to let them talk.

February 01, 2013

January 29, 2013

there is always a second chance

If you're pushing to penetrate a new market, please mark and pay attention to the point of entrance so at least to leave a footprint and, if anything doesn't work, you can try to invade it by another side. Don't make the same mistake twice

January 28, 2013

Powerful over your shoulders

The nervous energy is the most powerful booster to affirm your exclusive skills ...

January 27, 2013

Win Win

The aim of a negotiation is not to minimize investments but build a partnership to create added value. After that it'll remains to set which rules using to divide the extra value between the stakeholders.

From S to S

every morning you have to reshape the path to success, but don't ever forget from where you started ...