March 29, 2013

concePt zeRo

tabula rasa
"blank slate" is the simplification of the actual italian political situation

such as

facere de necessitate virtùtem
"make a virtue out of necessity" is the favourite maxim of our President

such as

homo homini lupus
"man is a wolf to another man" is the lex (non-electoral) that regulates our Parliament

March 27, 2013

TriggeR your poWer

Three tips to play your inner power on truly wished goals:

@ Open your mind over the impossible, that is possible is already used by someone

@ Think about the environment in which you act as an helper that can provide you information, opportunities, but above all as a fluid that it can change at any time under your influence

@ Hear a lot, ask to yourself at any moment how you can use what you have heard or you already know, find time to stimulate creativity, tell your point of view only if it adds value, share every your discovery with all

March 25, 2013

the tiDy strEEt of PoliticS

Politic agorà isn't an open place in which is simple to access and move.
We can describe it as a long corridor full fill by doors, every door conduces to the partial solution of a problem.
The serious thing is that to open the door you have to pay a duty, a concession to the owner, but if you have to open many doors to solve the problem maybe you will finish your resources before to close the last door...
Another thing very heavy to accept is that after the opening of a door you can discover to be gone back to the starting point (snakes and ladders!).
This only to solve a single problem, now think about the complexity management of the 'Public Thing' ...
Here why every politician is become expert cat burglar.
The solution? Remove the doors ...

March 22, 2013

HuGe box, little sUrprisE

When the contents gives the shape to the container you can argue about the effective nature of the contents.
You can make an idea about them and what indeed they are , but if you look at a rigid box you can't  suppose nothing!
You can only exclude big contents if box is small, but  this is not ever true!

March 18, 2013

Time for disagreement

Can a raindrop dig a crack  in a rock?
Yes, by continuous action and if the rock lets to do it ...
No, if it hasn't enough time and the rock is disagree with the raindrop...

March 09, 2013

RaiSe the BaR

To manage a team composed by professionals is necessary to give them great motivation.

Everyone must feel important and identify by precision their role and the expected results.

The very important think is using the communication tools to keep under pressure the team.
If the attention or interest will go down you'll have to raise the bar to keep higher the unit and the spirit team.
So Grillo docet ...

March 07, 2013

wiN-Win: false theOry ...

It doesn't exist a win-win situation between two adversaries but only one winner or two losers.

You have to choose

you want to be
winner or loser!
How can do it?

If you are sure to win, go on  straigth to the goal but always  thinking how your adversary could turn the situation around to his favour!
If you are sure that you can't have any chances to win the exit way is to involve another player... the third part can be the critical solution to rock the boat to your favour!

March 04, 2013

JiMiny Cricket aNd the GOvernmEnt

To lead a Country it's not enough collecting the popular approval, especially if many of your backers are with you on basis of a protest vote versus their previous leaders. To govern doesn't mean to find the right way or dictate their own rules to reach their own goals.
To govern means to mediate general interest versus particular interests, it means to do hard opposition versus wrong rules but also to be able to promote ideas, bills,  solutions to the problems of society trough improving of consensus with the other factions.