June 21, 2013

hOt summer Of the italian ecOnOmics

The economic results of a great number of companies will be linked to the number of collaborators with huge wish to relaunch their own carrier.

This simply means that winning companies must have a long term vision, supported by an extensively shared strategy and a clear positioning towards consumers.

The strongest incentive to give the best is the possibility to work with a scenario well defined in its layout ("shared strategy") where the actors have the awareness that their efforts can change the scenario and influence the final result.

In some companies it will be necessary bringing new ideas, new approaches, new schemes through the hiring of managers or by relocating current managers and involving them in new challenges.

In fine, we don't forget the role of the company towards retailers, distributors and any kind of commercial partner.

Only companies that manage the business as a partnership with the aim to create value and than share the profit with counterparts will be able to enlarge the base of the own market or conquer, penalizing competitors, shares of market.

Do you agree with me?
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