June 25, 2013

HOw yOu can say "NO" to your BOss

Typical situation
Boss: ".... do it!"
Collaborator: "Ok, but ..."
Boss: "No discussion, do it!"
Collaborator: "I don't want to discuss, I want to advise you on potential threats..."
Boss: "I already know all that can be usefull, execute it!"
Collaborator: " Ok, I'm executing your request but...."

A way to say NO
Boss: "..... do it!"
Collaborator: "Ok Boss, I do it soon!" ... " I have a doubt: Did you decide to change our roles in the company organization?"
Boss: "What?"
Collaborator: "If I execute your request we'll spend next days trying to solve the related problems." "We aren't a customer service dept., we are the sales dept.". "Who will take care of our clients?"
Boss: "Maybe you are right. Do you have another solution?"
Collaborator: "First of all we have to stop the process then we ........."

Another way
Boss: "..... do it!"
Collaborator: "Ok Boss, I do it soon!" ... "Sorry, It's hardly possible to do it?"
Boss: "What?"
Collaborator: "If I execute your request we'll lose our  incentives". "I need that money!"
Boss: "am I loosing my bonus?". Do you have another solution?"
Collaborator: "First of all we have to stop the process then we have to analyze  ........."

Obviously these are only three examples, they don't coverage all situations but they want to suggest you that, if you want to say "NO" to your boss, you have to attract his attention on interesting arguments for him such as his "money", his "role", who is the "decision maker" and so on.

In this way he will pay attention to your advices indeed he will ask you some suggestions.

June 24, 2013

fiVe possible Ways to make accepTable an hard TargeT

1) Motivational statement
Do you have the right incentive to do your best? Well, I'm sure that the target is an optional, it will be easily reached!

2) Dictat statement
You have to achieve this target, you must do it!

3) Awareness statement
I know this target is hardly possible, but if there is someone able to achieve it  he is in front of me today!

4) Neutral statement
Do this target, do it for yourself...

5) Emotional statement
When I think about the huge benefits linked to our target I feel proud and honoured to share them with you.

June 21, 2013

hOt summer Of the italian ecOnOmics

The economic results of a great number of companies will be linked to the number of collaborators with huge wish to relaunch their own carrier.

This simply means that winning companies must have a long term vision, supported by an extensively shared strategy and a clear positioning towards consumers.

The strongest incentive to give the best is the possibility to work with a scenario well defined in its layout ("shared strategy") where the actors have the awareness that their efforts can change the scenario and influence the final result.

In some companies it will be necessary bringing new ideas, new approaches, new schemes through the hiring of managers or by relocating current managers and involving them in new challenges.

In fine, we don't forget the role of the company towards retailers, distributors and any kind of commercial partner.

Only companies that manage the business as a partnership with the aim to create value and than share the profit with counterparts will be able to enlarge the base of the own market or conquer, penalizing competitors, shares of market.

Do you agree with me?

June 14, 2013

attitudE vs unExpEctEd EvEnt

Have you never thought how to adjust your attitude in case of unexpected event?

Probably No!

It's a situation that you don't manage when it occurs, you should have a priori the right attitude!
So the best way to face unexpected event is to train yourself in managing a large variety of unworkable events. 

-keep calm
-think of three options
-choose the best fit

To do nothing would already be a sure defeat!

June 07, 2013

WaitinG ArT - the delay without beginning and ending

Many companies trust in the possibility to regain the lost time working hard. 

In some cases it's true, but time is a scarce resource and it's relative to living beings.

So the sum of every single delay of every single living being in every single action can be considered the reason of  loss of a potential development.
At the same way, every single delay can provide the chance to another action to generate an innovative process that without the delay it would never occurred.

The endless delay of an already expected beginning sounds as " I'm going to buy time in the drugstore ". Isn't it so?

June 03, 2013

3 Simple tips to GaiN your bOss's TrusT

1) Execution of your tasks: 
stay in the outlined task, respect the deadline, give your point of view only if it adds value, don't talk in negative way bringing out only problems on execution without a solution.

2) Behaviour in your working team: 

don't complaining about collegues but explain or suggest how it is possible to interact with them keeping a professional approach, don't tell on them!

3) Reliability

always tell the truth especially if you made a mistake, in this way your boss can become your defender and ally, but above all he can give you solutions, training and vision.