April 08, 2013

5 tipS to maNage Sales aGents

Why a sales agent should follow your recommendations and achieve your targets?

Well, you have few tools for the effective management of a sales agent:

1) Communication: you must communicate at right time your targets and in clear manner how the sales agent can contribute to reach them. At the same time you must explain the benefits/bonus/commissions  that the sales agent will earn if you reach the targets.

2) Tools: You must explain the tools and techniques that will help him to reach the goals, you must repeat the explanation until you will sure that the sales agent has got the full control of each tool.

3) Follow up: as soon as the sales agent will have done his first attempts you will must ask him a follow up.
At the same time you must give him information about the trend of his sales towards the targets.

4) Support: If the tools or the techniques don't work then you must be ready to give him solutions and help.
The best way is to go to the clients with him, supporting him during the preparation of the visit, letting to him managing the negotiation, engaging him in a follow-up incisive after the visit.

5) Congratulation: if he will reach the goals don't never forget to tell him he is an excellent sales man and to share the fault in case of an unsuccess.

Above all you must always transmit your presence in his mind using appropriate tools or techniques ... mobile phone, e-mail, sms, meeting and so on.
But remember, you haven't to talk only about working otherwise when his mobile phone will ring he will think: "What boring man!"
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