May 02, 2013

3 Tips ab0ut sharinG inf0rmati0n

In general society we can assert that information has experienced a complete transformation. Few and in delay in the past, a huge number and in continuous update nowadays.
The same thing is for the companies.
So an employe is surrounded by a lot of information and he has to steal time to his work to decide what is useful for him or for his company.

Below you can find 3 simple tips to check faster information and choose the best to use:

1) Email: use "ad hoc" filters to classify them and to avoid spamming, so start to read depending on the arguments from the last received.

2) Company's statistics or documents: look at your tasks in agenda, so select the documents or statistics that can help you today to carry out your job or to partecipate proactively to the meetings.

3) Exceeded documents: keep a summary of them by arguments, after 2 day you can throw them away or delete.

Maybe the best thing could be to have an assistant for these tasks ... do you agree?
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