May 27, 2013

Is tHere any differences between a pHarmacy and a delicatessen?

It depends on what you decide to examine.

So if you look at point of sales you can argue how much larger is  or where is located in urban area or how many pos you can find in a town.
You can examine the laws that rule the matter or the specific qualify of who works for them.

Well, if we look at the point of sales as a public area where consumers go to satisfy a specific need in that case we can find a lot of points in common.

Focusing attention on over-the-counter drugs we can analyze the figure of the pharmacist and delicatessen owner: both are considered as a consultants.
Both manage their point of sales with the aim to loyalize customers, obviously the final goal is to maximize the profit.

Now we try to examine the rapport with their suppliers.

What  will they expect? 
Effective logistic services? low costs? payment extension? promotions? trade or consumer loader? excellent and well known products? high margins? problem solving? a unique referent for each supplier always at their disposal?


Maybe in a different priority order, but more o less the same want list.
I can continue, but make your further considerations...
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