May 04, 2013

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The Six Characteristics of Companies That Are Winning the Digital Game

I recently spent several days with digital tool and media companies who aim to change the core operations of marketers through very cool new analytics and workflow capabilities. Adobe and Google, in particular, have ambitious strategies behind their offerings that, if marketers adopt them, will remake fundamental aspects of how organizations operate -- their speed, their accountability, their adaptability, their ability to mobilize a broader ecosystem of digital service suppliers, and even their creativity.
All of these changes are meant to enable marketers to better exploit the capabilities of digital/social/mobile channels. BUT, at the highest levels in many companies, the culture, focus of leadership, incentives, and management mechanisms are simply not set up to enable the transformations to happen. Across several dozen deep interviews we have done with Chief Marketing Officers, digital leaders, agencies, and media providers, we see six characteristics in the companies whose leaders are able to make broad digital change happen:
Align at the top: Across the executive suite, there not only is a digital steering committee to evaluate investments, but there is also a common base of beliefs about the core changes that digital is forcing the company to make in its strategic direction and operations. Everyone knows the priorities, their economic implications, and the trade-offs the company will make as it drives forward .... to be continue on*1_*1_*1_*1_recentPosts_*1&trk=who_to_follow-b

By David Edelman
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