May 13, 2013

chanGE MAnagement in the salumi market? As a YELL in a desert ....

No echo, no horizon!

You can possess the source of knowledge, you are willing to share it with other people but you don't find anyone greedy to gain knowledge.

You can explain them how grasping the essence of change, you can provide them the tools to dig a well to find water, you can show them analysis and researches about the presence of water underground ... the result will be a yell in the desert!

They are looking for the comforting past experience, the certainty of well-known things.

They will prefer to walk under the burning sun to look for an oasis. It isn't important where it is, how long they have to walk around, if the oasis still exists.

Meanwhile the desert will change,  it will transform before into a large salt lake and then into a huge mountain ... but they are still looking for an oasis.
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