May 24, 2013

RenT your brain

We're running towards the complete loss of the identification between employee and company. 

As it happens in sports or in real life , a union isn't forever!
 In sport it doesn't exist the "flag-man" that identify himself and his career with the colours of only one team, in life it doesn't exist a devoted wife such as Penelope that wait for her Ulisse, the only man in her life.

Ability in retention and attractiveness are two faces of the same medal for a successfull company. 

The techniques and strategies in pursuing these models of human resource management are quite similar and they find their foundations on the ability to value immaterial assets.

I will give you a point of view on which you can reflect:
In long term, what is the less expensive or more effective approach?

Attractiveness? Included search costs, training costs, a top salary, an immaterial cost of integration ....

Retention? ability in creating new incentives, in giving qualified training, in exploiting experience and knoledge of the company processes ...

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